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"You can be a woman and live your life without missing out"



Thiaroye by the Sea


Thiaroye by the Sea (pronounced Chai-Roy) is a suburb of Dakar, Senegal. In 1944 the Senegalese soldiers at Camp Thiaroye mutinied against their colonial oppressors. Although the mutiny ended in massacre, the act of rebellion is still remembered as a catalyst for the nationalist movements that brought  independence across Africa. Today, even as Thiaroye has become one of Dakar's poorest banlieues, its residents still live up to the legacy of those brave soldiers in the ongoing fight against neo-colonialism. Thiaroye by the Sea follows one such resident, Sister LB, who uses rap as her weapon in the everyday struggle for self-empowerment and women's equality.


Staring / Selbe "Sister LB" Diouf
Director, Producer, Editor / Devin Thomas
Director of Photography / Stephan Hawk
Assistant Producer / Paco LeKing


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Fippu Clan is a two person rap group based in Dakar's suburb, Thiaroye by the Sea. The duo, comprised of Sister LB and Julza, are passionate advocates for their community. The word "fippu," which means to "struggle" or "rebel" in Wolof is an apt name for the group. The two see rap as a praxis to educate and improve the lives of the people of Thiaroye, many of whom struggle just to make ends meet. For Sister LB in particular, rap is a means of emancipating women from social roles predetermined by tradition and religion. 

The following music video "Kholfess" speaks about the persistent problems of poverty, unemployment, and gender inequality in Thiaroye. Our team shot this clip in 2016 while making the documentary. Special thanks to the people of Thiaroye who came out and participated in the making of this video.


screenings & festivals


24 February 2018

West Coast Premier

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles Festival,      Los Angeles, CA

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19 November 2017

Williamsburg Independent Film Festival, Williamsburg, New York


9 November 2017

Nitehawk Shorts Festival, Williamsburg, New York



2 September 2017

Cinema New York City Festival in NYC. Tickets available here!


19 April 2017

Thiaroye by the Sea will be screening at BRIC FLIX in Brooklyn, NY. 

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15 October 2016

World Premiere of Thiaroye by the Sea at the Margaret Mead Film Festival at the American Museum of Natural history in New York City.